Ruby red lips

25 Mar

ruby red lips


22 Mar


Snow Buddies

22 Mar


Doggy Christmas card

20 Mar

Our silly Christmas card from November…
Silly time...

Snowball paws

20 Mar

Today we went for a long walk in the snow…..Snowball paws

and brought home some snowballs….I could not get them of his paws easily, because they were icy….

so I soaked them in luke warm water. 😉


20 Mar

Absolutely his favorite thing in the snow:

he L:O:V:E:S: to chew on frozen sticks…

Frozen Stick


                                               I could lay here for hours ! 

Frozen Yoghurt

19 Mar

Frozen Yoghurt with fruits and chocolate and oats…mhhhh…yum2

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